Data Migration Services

Infosense provides the in-depth knowledge and experience required to complete the work safely and effectively, whether your business is moving its data to the cloud or making adjustments to your data centre storage plan.

Data Migration Strategies


Scalability Our team of experts can help you migrate your infrastructure to the cloud, allowing you to keep up with the changing market requirements. Utilize our skills and knowledge to ensure a successful transition and take full advantage of the many benefits the cloud offer.


Resource Optimization Businesses can reduce wasteful spending on infrastructure and improve their bottom line by right-sizing their infrastructure and using cloud resources more efficiently.


Security and Compliance Our experienced data migration consultants will help you to meet your security requirements efficiently and effectively. We have the knowledge and the tools to configure the cloud environment according to the specifications.


Innovation: By cutting down latency and fine-tuning your digital infrastructure, you can achieve quicker times to market. Allow our engineers to evaluate, improve, and analyze how you process assets.

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Our Data Migration Services

We have delivered data migration services for numerous industries. Our team can assess, enhance, and evaluate the management of your assets.

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Software Migration

For manual and automated data extraction, cleansing, loading, verification, testing, and deployment, we employ extensive, risk-free migration processes.

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Website Migration

We provide solutions to organizations looking to upgrade their website from poor web hosts with advanced functionalities.

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Cloud Migration

We undertake cloud-to-cloud and on-premises server-to-cloud migrations, shifting assets to the public, private, or hybrid cloud to strengthen enterprises' data and take advantage of big data online services.

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Database Migration

At Infosense, we handle tailored services for database migration to new servers. We move different data types and business logic structures using ETL (extract-transform-load).

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Enterprise Migration

Our developers are adept at upgrading legacy enterprise platforms by transferring all data and relevant business logic to more contemporary systems.

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Application Migration

We understand data adoption patterns, procedures, and management tools to assist your company in effectively managing freshly migrated cloud apps.

Industries We Serve

We offer AI driven services to various industries for customer satisfaction.


Infosense provides healthcare services catering to several healthcare verticals. We analyze complete healthcare data, provide customized automation solutions, and use advanced technologies and cloud solutions based on our client's needs. We also help to conduct regular maintenance checks and extend support at times of dire need.

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Infosense has a scalable infrastructure to manage data anywhere. We also have a multilayered security architecture to secure the confidential information of our clients. Our programmers grasp the problem, analyze it, and then choose the most efficient solution.We make sure that our services adhere to professional standards.
We process your most recent data for timely and relevant decisions. We employ the analytical workflow for on-time delivery of the project. All recommendations are presented with justifications to ensure trust in our system.
We collaborate with you based on your software development objectives to provide you with the prominent value and the quickest return on investment while developing techniques and assigning a dedicated team for your project.

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