Predictive Analytics Services

Infosense specializes in predictive analytics and creates products that can help you forecast consumer behavior and outcomes and steer your business in the right direction.

Building Predictive Analytics Models


Gathering Requirements Our team begins by thoroughly understanding the challenges and objectives of your company. We then use predictive analytical modeling to generate meaningful insights and informed analytics. This allows us to provide smarter solutions that are tailored to your organization's specific needs.


Data Preparation and Transformation Data is carefully selected and extracted from the datasets. This data is then mapped from its original size into a clean, verified, and usable form. This process ensures that the data is of the highest quality and accuracy.


Verification Our team of data scientists has the expertise and dedication to ensure that the necessary data is gathered and organized in order to create multiple predictive analytics models. After a thorough analysis of all the models, we choose the one that works best for your objectives.


Result Evaluation After developing and implementing the model, we conduct a performance check to confirm that it is operating as anticipated. This process allows us to make any necessary adjustments and optimize the model's performance.

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Let's get started with our Predictive Analytics Services

We have a team of knowledgeable business analysts and data scientists. They are proficient in statistical algorithms, deployment, data modeling, and data collection.

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Demand Prediction

We have a great deal of experience with demand prediction predictive models. Our solutions can aid in inventory optimization, price and marketing strategy improvement, and demand forecasting for your goods or services.

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Churn Prediction

To assist you in determining which consumers are most likely to discontinue using your subscription, product, or service, the Infosense team may create personalized prediction models. With this knowledge, you may give customized offers and perks to high-risk consumers to keep them around.

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Predictive Maintenance

You can create preventative maintenance programs that identify potential equipment faults before they occur with the assistance of our team of ML engineers. You can also decrease costly downtime and increase operational effectiveness by employing predictive analytics.

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Predictive Manufacturing

We can assist you in creating production process optimization, yield prediction, and quality issue identification predictive models for manufacturing. We can help you increase the effectiveness of your production processes and lower waste with our predictive analytics solutions.

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Digital Twins

Digital twins, predictive analytics models of physical and biological systems, are offered as custom development services by Infosense. They model the behavior of complex systems, including human physiology, power plants, and manufacturing processes.

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Scoring Models

We create unique predictive analytics tools to score people, groups, or behaviors. Credit scoring, insurance underwriting, and determining the likelihood of conversion are all common uses for scoring models (lead scoring). Using our scoring model solutions, you may decide who to lend money to, insure, or do business with more effectively.

Industries We Serve

We offer AI driven services to various industries for customer satisfaction.


Infosense provides healthcare services catering to several healthcare verticals. We analyze complete healthcare data, provide customized automation solutions, and use advanced technologies and cloud solutions based on our client's needs. We also help to conduct regular maintenance checks and extend support at times of dire need.

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Infosense has a scalable infrastructure to manage data anywhere. We also have a multilayered security architecture to secure the confidential information of our clients. Our programmers grasp the problem, analyze it, and then choose the most efficient solution.We make sure that our services adhere to professional standards.
We process your most recent data for timely and relevant decisions. We employ the analytical workflow for on-time delivery of the project. All recommendations are presented with justifications to ensure trust in our system.
We collaborate with you based on your software development objectives to provide you with the prominent value and the quickest return on investment while developing techniques and assigning a dedicated team for your project.

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